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Dr. Memnus Lagbane Soultooth the Mad

Lover, archer, nerd

24 March 1985
This profile doesn't get very consistent updates, so I claim no responsibility for anything it might imply.

Harvey Mudd class of 2006.
University of Utah School of Computing, M.S. program (Graphics track), class of 2008.

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I am the wisdom of the power of the North
I am the serenity of the power of the West
I am the passion of the power of the South
I am the vigor of the power of the East
This is who I am; bring me now to life.

kindredcallow: How would you change the world?
TrueMemnus: If I could do anything?
TrueMemnus: I'd make everyone see why my grand Point Of View makes sense
kindredcallow: Oh please, enlighten me
TrueMemnus: How I see that life is to be lived and learned, not suffered
kindredcallow: Pleasure would be meaningless without pain
TrueMemnus: But then even pain is to be experienced too, to give pleasure meaning
kindredcallow: True
TrueMemnus: And my view that everyone else, no matter religion, race, what the hell ever, is just human too
kindredcallow: Good
TrueMemnus: Living for the same reasons, the same feelings

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Last profile update: 16 August 2006